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In this section, you can select what information you will collect from registrants on the first step of the registration process. This step is mandatory but you may decide to collect as few as the first and last name, and the email address which are mandatory.

This text is presented in the step 1: "Registration information", in the dark block just below your logo.

Registration fees
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Important info

Select the workshop you would like to attend and related option if applicable.

Please note that "The Event Manager's Bible: 3rd edition" is offered to the 5 firsts participant who will attend the "Best practices" workshop.

This event is a free event and prices cannot be set to categories or options unless you subscribed for a Light version or higher. In that case, you can select "Paid event" option above this list and set prices.

Your stay
Important info

You can provide Hotel facilities to your registrants by either providing them a link to the booking module of the hotel or another platform, or if you decided to pre-book a certain amount of rooms you can offer participants to book rooms directly from the registration platform.

Prices Tax/VAT incl.

Total price (excl. Tax/VAT)
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Total Tax/VAT
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Important info

You can select either "Default VAT setting", in that case you can set the VAT rate that will apply to all registration or use "Advanced VAT options" to set different VAT rates depending on various parameters like country where the event is held... You can use "Text to be inserted on the invoice" to add a specific legal mention if required.

You can set specific invoice and credit note prefixes if you decide to generate them directly from idloom-events.

You can also override your settings VAT number for this specific event if required.

Finally, check one of the two options to attach invoice or proforma to the confirmation email.

This text is displayed on the invoice.

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